School Store Class

Entrepreneurship is a class for 9-12 grades. In this class the students will learn what it takes to effectively start and run a business. This is a class that introduces the student to the business world. Through a variety of activities, the student gets an in-depth look at businesses and how they get started. The class progresses through many different projects. While working in the school store they learn the proper etiquette of being a cashier, while learning to use a cash register.

Syllabi: Entrepreneurship uses a variety of assessments to average a quarter grade. The book that is used is Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. The book tests are used at the end of each chapter. A study guide is given before each chapter test. Homework and classwork are given and they accompany the chapters. Vocabulary and the Key Concept Review questions will be assigned for every chapter. Every other Friday, business articles are due. The student will bring in any business article from a newspaper, magazine or internet. The student will give a brief oral explanation of the article. All of these students are integrated into the schedule for the school store. Each student takes turns working in the school store with a partner. A variety of projects are assigned during the year.