IMPORTANT: All students going into Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II-A or B classes will be required to have one of the following calculators:

Texas Instrument
TI - 30XS MutliView
TI – 30xa
TI – 30xa solar
TI – 30x II B
TI – 30x II S
TI – 34 II
TI – 36x solar


All students taking Honors or College Algebra II, Trigonometry, Honors Statistics, Precalculus, AP Statistics, or AP Calculus will need the TI 84 – Plus, TI 83 –Plus, or N-spire graphing calculator

**NOTE: Other graphing calculators contain features that are different from the ones mentioned above. If you choose a calculator other than the ones previously mentioned, it will be YOUR responsibility to be familiar with these features.